Tarot: a journey of self knowlegde

Tarot has been around for centuries, as have all forms of card divination systems.It is only human to search for answers, to want to glimpse into the future and have some guidance in our lives.
Tarot is a tool for self knowledge that can assist us in making decisions and in clarifying situations.

In this course you will get an in depth introduction to Tarot. No previous experience or any special skill is required, just an open mind and willingness to learn.

Focus is on getting familiar with Tarot and the Major Arcana cards’ meaning. At this level you can start to connect with your deck, learn how to take care of it, take in the energy and meaning of the Major Arcana cards (22 cards), learn Tarot reading principles/rules and start doing basic readings for yourself mostly, but also for others so that you can gain experience.

The course is designed for a one to one setting or very small group.

3 days/sessions, total of about 9 hours total.

– Introduction
– What is Tarot
– What can it be used for
– Selecting your Tarot deck
– Tarot deck walkthrough
– Major Arcana meanings
– Preparation for a Tarot reading
– The reading
– After the reading
– Basic Tarot spreads
– How to start?
– Common issues
– Reading practice

What is provided
– Manual (PDF) explaining the meaning and interpretations of the Major Arcana cards
– Basic card layouts explanation manual
– Exercises to do at your own pace
– Advice on selecting your Tarot deck
– Certificate of completion (optional and sent online)
– Tarot reading in the last module
– Opportunity to learn and practice on a one to one setting or small group
– Teacher available for all your questions via email

None! Just your curiosity and willingness to learn Tarot.
At some point in the course it is recommended you acquire a Tarot deck, so that you can practice. If you do not have one at the time of the course please be sure to ask the teacher for advice before buying one, as not all Tarot decks are suited for beginners.

About the teacher

Eva is born and raised in Portugal. After many travels around the world she has laid roots in the Netherlands.

From a very early age she became interested in Tarot and have been doing it for 20 years plus.  For her Tarot is a tool for self knowledge that can assist us in making decisions and in clarifying situations. Tarot will show you answers but these were always in you potentially. It just helps you to get to them quicker and when you need it.

In a few words, she is a seasoned Tarot reader and teacher, certified Reiki Teacher and Master, Crystal energy worker, Akashic Records Reader, Pendulum Reader, soap and candle maker and Youtuber.

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