Magda Niziolek

Yoga- & Pilatesdocent

Yoga is a practice of kindness, first towards yourself and then to the world.

 It is a body-mind experience that brings you closer to yourself and to the realization that we are all one. Yoga is also reconnecting us with nature which is essential for our well-being and peace of mind. All that I try to share in  my classes.
Also I believe that yoga is for everybody and everybody can benefit from yoga in their own specific way.  After taking almost 1000 hours of different trainings and workshops, from teachers and therapists from all over the world. I try to create a class that combines western science and eastern wisdom and give everyone options of what you would like to take for yourself from yoga.
I have always expressed the importance of spine in my yoga teachings because it is so connected to our nervous system and the muscles around that are supporting this structure and allowing us to breathe properly. So I was naturally interested in Pilates techniques where it is also the priority. Recently I have finished thus my Pilates training and I am happy to share this knowledge too.