Bobbie Dest


Born and raised in Amsterdam.

I have always been passionate about music, art, dancing, mental and physical health, nutrition, nature and human behavior.

Just like a lot of us I encountered some difficulties in my life.

In 2015, when I was working as a personal health and fitness coach and fulltime manager in the hospitality and event industry, yoga became my anchor.

Yoga became my way of keeping some sort of balance, stillness and connection with myself in the hectic world I was living in and while struggling with patterns caused by “traumas” from my past. I also started to implement aspects of my own practice in my coaching because I couldn’t hide the enthusiasm about the benefits I experienced and felt the urge to share this. My interest and love for Hatha yoga and the philosophy behind it grew bigger and bigger. Since then I went three times to Bali to experience, learn and practice yoga and teaching, learned from some amazing teachers in Amsterdam, Thailand and Mexico and kept teaching classes in private next to my full-time job.

In 2021, even though I liked my job in the hospitality and event industry, it became clear it wasn’t matching with my needs and who I had become anymore. While I unconsciously was trying to ignore this fact, my body stepped in and made me mentally and physically incapable of doing this or any job at that moment. I had to acknowledge that I got disconnected from myself, was out of balance, got swallowed by routine, my mind had been controlled by fear and the ego and I had stopped feeling.

Also known as: Burn-out.

I had neglected myself and my own practice and really started to see and realize the importance of this. Even if or actually especially when it takes a lot of effort.

Practicing yoga is one of the things, among others, that has helped me and helps me to get back and stay in touch with myself, synchronize my body, mind and heart and stay in my power. I luckily fell in love again with the everlasting, sometimes very difficult and confronting but beautiful practice, stillness, feeling, observing, listening, compassion, reflecting and developing. Breaking patterns, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I constantly learn, grow and accept that I don’t know. (Yet;))
At this moment in my life there’s nothing that makes me feel better than sharing this practice, this process, with you.

Learn from you, grow with you, develop with you, teach you the tools I use myself and pass on the knowledge I collected during my life so far.

Oh wait, there is one other thing that comes to mind that makes me feel better:
To make you feel better or better in feeling too!